Friday, January 27, 2012

Hypothesis, the same thing as minimal as maximal.

I say tiny elementary particle, such as fermions or bosons,
I accept what you present as tiny subatomic particles or more are not.
And what are those maximal universe knows we also respect the maximum (but the universe is a that is larger because it inflated), the universe or is the baby universe is a baby universe What are those things maximal enclosing Yunibasutaru mother, also is not uncertain.

If he is the same as those of maximum and minimum of this
We are trying to observe the tiny ones,
The state is looking at the back of our own
It will also define the maximum availability and can not be minimal.

I say that space-time loop, with a string minima and maxima can be described rather well in three dimensions or events that are connected to the loop.

No, this words may not be appropriate.
Minima and maxima, because both are very,
And while he has not connected since.

If natural, based on this hypothesis,
All events in the universe, beginning with the observation of elementary particles and space research will not only do we each can be seen as on the idea.

If the entity is not a relevant concept of the maximal and minimal, would be appropriate to say what is properly called a life of our ideas back and forth phases distorted.

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