Friday, January 27, 2012

Hypothesis, the same thing as minimal as maximal.

I say tiny elementary particle, such as fermions or bosons,
I accept what you present as tiny subatomic particles or more are not.
And what are those maximal universe knows we also respect the maximum (but the universe is a that is larger because it inflated), the universe or is the baby universe is a baby universe What are those things maximal enclosing Yunibasutaru mother, also is not uncertain.

If he is the same as those of maximum and minimum of this
We are trying to observe the tiny ones,
The state is looking at the back of our own
It will also define the maximum availability and can not be minimal.

I say that space-time loop, with a string minima and maxima can be described rather well in three dimensions or events that are connected to the loop.

No, this words may not be appropriate.
Minima and maxima, because both are very,
And while he has not connected since.

If natural, based on this hypothesis,
All events in the universe, beginning with the observation of elementary particles and space research will not only do we each can be seen as on the idea.

If the entity is not a relevant concept of the maximal and minimal, would be appropriate to say what is properly called a life of our ideas back and forth phases distorted.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hypotheses about the events faster than light

There is in the mood we find something what is faster than light recently.

Everything in life has a probability which vibrates on a normal distribution to the maximum to minimum,
Applying pressure to which the direction vector,
Drift wave is formed as a term vector in that direction.

Sounds, colors, everything is light and other waves, light is analogous to a straight line and none of them first derivative of the wave that the set of all elements.
That best approximates the derivative curve of the primary wave of light, ie, because it minimizes the mean flow line passing through
As a result, the light and the fastest among all events.

Here, get down to business,
Events faster than light (material) existence is one of the following
Or not to fall under multiple hypotheses.

Hypothesis [1]:
Event that has a curve similar to the primary wave from the light.

Hypothesis [2]:
Since the events of the wave amplitude is too long,
Shorter than the path of light passing through the copper wire as a result of observation distance.

Hypothesis [3]:
There are external factors that amplify the kinetic energy of the event.

Below, to expand these hypotheses speculation.
However, the journal for coverage for the definition of reasonable hypothesis is excluded from consideration.

Expand Hypothesis 1:
If you have a curve similar to the primary wave from the optical
Faster continuous shooting events of the camera shutter interval can be assumed, for example equal grounds with the fact that no action taken.
Faster than light because of events in the instruments and the fastest speed of light, for example those that can not be measured more quickly.

However, this time is measured only when the test object under observation and this may have given the overwhelming lack of absolute
Accidental event occurred slightly faster than the speed of light,
Was able to catch the first time is unlikely.
If you do not have an overwhelming event like this,
Would be reasonable to think that it is in the form of previously measured by image retention.

However, events have a different speed than light far, for example,
Results are distorted by Earth's gravity 然Ri gravitational lens,
Will that slow down is unthinkable.
This is because you have to stop writing a hypothesis that has a tremendous force from the Earth's gravitational black holes.

Hypothesis 2 expansion:
Fewer amplitude may be expected to be reached as the result of short distance events move faster route between two points, consistent with the distance from the light for the start and end timing or amplitude of the observation point.
No particle density and the occurrence of the observed effects of machine-dimensional superstring theory was folded (low density) or non-uniform amplitude is going on a three-dimensional situation caused by What other means will not be considered.

Expand Hypothesis 3:
If you ask the universe to the dark energy is not integrated into the reason for the expansion of the universe gravity, based on the concept Similarly,
Or that are or are distorted by varying the speed of light by substances other dark energy even to assume that it will be undeniable.

At the moment, but it is at a desk all the necessary theoretical because no dark matter is also dark energy can also see,
Observation aircraft in the vicinity of high-energy situation has become (in the current observational technique we confirmed that dark energy events (measured) is not made) and dark energy is generated,
Given the speed and may have more effect on the speed of light materials,
You go on forever bloated expansion of the universe in a black hole,
I would not be expected to overlap even go bankrupt by reason or supergravity.

Interesting indeed.